We wouldn’t know what we would do without chili peppers.

Not just here at Bruce Foods but as proud Louisianans! The sweet heat of chili peppers forms the base of
so many of our meals which means so many of our memories. Chopped up, smoked,
into sauces or dried and ground into spices chili peppers make us who we are. But
did you know how important Capsicum annuum has been to history?

Ancient Beginings

The oldest proof that chili peppers were a huge cultural ingredient is over 6,000
years old ! Scientists have found evidence of chili peppers on ancient cooking tools.
People in South America and in what is now Mexico were the hotspot in cultivating
the fruit, which is reflected in what linguists know of their languages. It was as
important to their foods and way of life back then is it is to us now.

Whats Pepper Mash

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