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Bruce Foods Industrial - Overview

Quality, versatility and consistency - these are the ingredients Bruce Foods uses to create industrial products that have kept us on the cutting edge of food technology since 1928.

Bruce Foods & Industry

At all Bruce Foods manufacturing locations, our Culinary Research & Development centers conduct a wide array of tests to ensure our products are consistent and the quality meets our customers’ expectations. We employ a team of chefs, food technologists and food scientists that work on quality control, recipe formulation, menu ideation, product development, market trends analysis and food preparation.

Our Quality Control departments conduct regular testing and follow strict manufacturing and quality guidelines to ensure that the products conform to the customer’s standards. Some of the tests include monitoring fill weight, color variance, texture and taste. We utilize state of the art instruments like HPLC, Mettler Automated Salt Titration, Brookfield Viscometer, Color Meters and CEM Micro Moisture Meter just to name a few. We monitor current market reports and continuously conduct consumer research to identify new trends in the retail, food service and manufacturing markets. We use this information along with customer’s input in developing new products and improving on existing products. All products are evaluated very stringently for things such as taste, quality, proper market segmentation, and market positioning before it is ever introduced to consumers.

We also do custom formulation. Customers can supply proprietary recipes, held under strict confidence, or we can work with the customer’s R&D and culinary departments to develop a proprietary formulation and packaging in order to achieve the customer’s desired results and standards. Third party auditing is done regularly at all manufacturing locations, and we also follow strict GMA guidelines.

Aseptic Packaging

Bruce Foods provides our industrial customers with aseptic packaging options. Aseptic packaging is first sterilized and then the product is thermally processed. This results in the food having a shelf life of over two years in many cases. Other benefits include:

  • Provides a shelf stable, manufacturing sized product
  • Decreased costs due to elimination of costly refrigeration or frozen storage
  • Convenient manufacturing-friendly packaging in bags, drums, and totes
  • Provides an excellent color, fresh flavor and nutritional value retention

Products Available in Aseptic Packaging include:

  • Tomatillo
  • Chipotle puree
  • Assorted bean purees
  • Red pepper puree
  • Jalapeños
  • Chilies

Learn more about the full line of Bruce Foods industrial products.