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Louisiana Hot Sauce

ORIGINAL Louisiana Hot Sauce is the original hot sauce of Louisiana, a distinction that no other hot sauce can make. It can claim to be one of the very first Cajun food products, first introduced to the public with Cajun cooking, which is world famous for its unique taste and delicious flavor.

About Louisiana Hot Sauce

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ORIGINAL Louisiana Hot Sauce, from Bruce Foods in New Iberia, LA is the original cayenne pepper sauce of Louisiana with an eighty year reputation for quality and perfection that no other hot sauce can claim. Although Bruce Foods’ Louisiana Hot Sauce was the first hot sauce to use the state’s name, over the years the name Louisiana Hot Sauce has become a generic term requiring the creation of special markings to denote our Brand from its many imitators.

The Brand now uses the word “ORIGINAL” in its name, along with the famous Red Dot on the label. What makes the Brand so special besides being first is the fact that it continues to use the time-honored techniques that have distinguished Cajun cooking since the Acadian settlers first arrived in Louisiana in 1755.

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